Monday, March 15, 2010

Cache Sequin Dress

Cache Sequin Dress


This Cache cocktail dress is truly stunning in person! It is completely encrusted
with black sequins and black and silver beads. Your every move will shimmer!
The elegant Greek key design encircles the top of the bodice and the hemline.

Label: Cache
Size: S
Material: 85% Rayon 15% Spandex
Bust: 16"
Waist: 13"
Hips: 15"
Length: 26" (from armpit to hemline)
Note: This dress does have 15% spandex so it does have some
stretch to it. It is meant to be very form fitting!
Condition: I found two places that were missing beads, which are pictured below.
Also, a few of the silver beads are slightly discolored. I don't think either is particularly
noticeable. If there are others, I could not find them. The rest of the dress
is in excellent condition.

There is a single bead missing on the bottom row of the hemline that can
be seen on the left side of the picture above.

There are approximately 5 silver beads missing on the Greek key design on
the left side seam near the hem.